Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic Crowns

All-ceramic crowns made exclusively from porcelain

Another esthetic procedure is the replacement of the old porcelain-fused to metal (PFM) crowns and the grey color of the gumline, with all-ceramic crowns made exclusively from porcelain (ceramic or zirconia crowns).

The all ceramic crowns demonstrate maximum strength and resistance and they don’t need an internal metallic substructure. They have a white colored porcelain or zirconia core that provides the great strength to the restoration, up to 400 MPa. Meanwhile this core covers very successfully the possible discolorations of the tooth.

The core of this restoration is covered by a layer of high technology porcelain providing excellent optical qualities and impressive chromatic integration of the crown with the surrounding teeth. The same material can be used for the creation of anterior all-ceramic, bridges.

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Porcelain inlays-onlays
Alternatively, we can avoid the traditional crown when the tooth is damaged less.
Also, when a great amount of dental tissues is lost, the direct white-colored restoration are no longer recommended. Composites are materials not resistant to the forces of mastication, when they are used on large surfaces.
In the above two scenarios, the tooth is suitably prepared and after the impression taking, the dental laboratory creates a restoration from porcelain or ceramic resin. This restoration is called inlay or onlay, it is bonded to the tooth  in order to have the greatest strength and resistance longterm.  Furthermore, it has excellent esthetic appearance.

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