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Did you know that tooth clenching is responsible for migraines and morning headaches?
Do you suffer from migraines, tooth clenching, pain at the joints of the jaws, muscular pains, or just regular morning headaches??

All these symptoms may have a common origin. This is the excessive activity of the jaw muscles, especially in periods full of  stress, anxiety or even just with a heavy daily program.  External indications for this situation is the tooth clenching or bruxing during sleep, when this is not consciously controlled.

Several patients clench their teeth during the day and at periods full of  fatigue or heavy mental work. In published studies,it has been documented that the patients with  stress type headaches, without symptoms from the temporomandibular joint, clench-press their jaws during sleep 14 times more excessively than the asymptomatic patients of the control group.
Further more it has been found that the contraction degree of the temporalis muscle is doubled during the sleep.

Can bruxism (clenching-pressing the teeth) cause serious side effects?

Undoubtly, yes. The repeating and high degree contraction of the stomatognathic system’s muscles causes, unconsciously, tooth clenching. The  result is the continuous attrition and destruction of the occlusal surfaces of the teeth. Furthermore, this way, functional-occlusal and also esthetic problems, are caused to the mouth.
Also, this muscle contraction causes pain to the surrounding tissues, the joints and the other muscles.

Is there any recommended treatment?

Reducing or eliminating the degree of the tooth clenching, the source of the pain is minimized and all these can happen just in a few hours.

In just one appointment in the office, a personal-customized splint NTI with a small size can be constructed on the two upper anterior teeth. This thin removable appliance can be worn during the sleep. Because of its small size, it is easily used by all the patients. With this splint, it is practically  the tooth clenching of the posterior teeth becomes impossible and the muscles of the jaw remain relaxed.
Most of the times with this approach, the morning headaches, the pain at the neck, the sensitivity of the jaws and all the relative symptoms combined with the uncontrolled tooth clenching,begin to subside.

The NTI system has already helped more than 2,500,000 patients globally, without any  drug related therapy.

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